Animation Camp


Animation Camp is a city day camp for children interested in animation, where they learn a lot about animation, create their own masterpieces, shoot cartoons and films, create various projects, and have a lot of fun.

Usually, in the first half of the day, participants are introduced to various animation techniques.
The second half of the day is for walks, excursions, and masterclasses.
For shifts from 9 to 16 hours, a hot lunch is provided in the cafe, with which we have been working for more than one year.
While working in the Studio, we offer fruit, tea, and cookies.

There is a carpet on the floor. We recommend that you have a change of shoes. You can leave it in the studio during your shift.

If the shift plan involves moving on public transport, each participant must have a travel document.

If for any reason the child has to leave earlier or leave for some time for family reasons, the PARENT MUST INFORM the teacher in writing or call. Otherwise, the camp Organizer is not responsible for the child.

For children from 7 to 17 years old.
Time: during school holidays.
The duration of one shift is usually 5 working days from 9 to 16 hours.
The number of participants is 10.

Pre-registration is required. By registering a child in the camp, the parent automatically agrees to the terms of the CONTRACT.

Registration is considered confirmed after payment of at least 50 euros as a prepayment. In case of refusal of the client from the service in 10 days or less, the advance payment is not refundable. In case of refusal to provide the service by Multiklass OÜ, the entire amount paid by the client is returned to him in full.