Animation workroom of the CS project for those:
– who has never tried and does not know what it is – animation
– knows and always wanted to try, but was afraid or didn’t know where to start
– who has already made several cartoons and is looking for a place or equipment to realize their own potential
– who wants to deepen their knowledge and try new techniques
– who already has the knowledge and who just needs to rent an equipped room
– who is not indifferent to creativity in general and animation in particular.

Fully learn animation yourself at home – it’s not cheap. Software, camera, tripod, light, decorations, materials, and space is needed where to place it all …and much, much more. We’ve been through it all – we know it firsthand.

Therefore, we tried to equip our workroom “to the maximum” with everything necessary for all types of animation. And what is not available now-we will buy in the near future. You don’t need to buy anything for classes – we have everything.

The duration of the courses is calculated for 1 academic year or for several shorter courses during the academic year for both school children and adults.
Pre-registration for the course is required.
The number of participants in the group is not more than 10 people.
It is possible to join the training during the year if there is a free position in the group.

For 2 or more children from the same family, 5% discount.
If one participant attends several courses at the same time, the discount is 5%.
Payment methods: cash or Bank transfer.


Art Supplies